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DJK ASV Stubenberg Aktive

The 2nd team of DJK ASV Stubenberg was equipped with shirts by LIQUI MOLY during their 2011/2012 championship season in the A class. The club was successfully promoted to the Kreisklasse (district league) for the third time. The 700 members of the club have been following their passion in football, table tennis, gymnastics, volleyball and judo since as early as 1980. You can find more information on the club on www.djk-asv-stubenberg.de.


SV Steinbach Jugend

All of the youth teams, including the reserve team, of SV Steinbach e.V. received 9 shirts from the sport sponsoring programme supported by LIQUI MOLY and primoteamsport.

You can find more information on the club on www.sv-backnang-steinbach.de


SV Steinbach Aktive

The entire SV Steinbach team was completely equipped by the LIQUI MOLY sport sponsoring programme for the start of the new season. SV Steinbach was very pleased with the sponsor concept.

This complete gear was supported by the long-standing main sponsor Günther Remann and his company Palette und Kistenbau.


SC Fornsbach Aktive

SC Fornsbach was one of the first clubs to benefit from the LIQUI MOLY sport sponsoring programme. The 1st and 2nd teams were completely equipped with new Legea sweatshirts, long tracksuit bottoms, t-shirts with shorts and raincoats.


SPF Schwäbisch Hall Jugend

The B youth team of Sportfreunde Schwäbisch Hall received new erima tracksuits with the support of LIQUI MOLY.

You can find more information on the club on www.sportfreunde-schwaebischhall.de


SPF Schwäbisch Hall Aktive

The 1st team of Sportfreunde Schwäbisch Hall was completely equipped with the Legea collection for the 2003/2004 season. The players were supported with t-shirts, tracksuits and raincoats by LIQUI MOLY.

You can find out more about the team and club at www.sportfreunde-schwaebischhall.de.


SV Westheim Jugend

The complete football youth team of SV Westheim received new sponsored tracksuits from LIQUI MOLY. Around 100 players will uniformly present themselves and make a great picture for the club.

More on the club at: www.sv-westheim.de


TS Jahn München Volleyball

The girls volleyball D team of TS Jahn München were equipped with new tracksuits by the LIQUI MOLY sport sponsoring programme. The success was instantaneous. They reached third place in their age group at the German Championships.


TSV Sechselberg Aktive

All players from the 1st and 2nd teams of TSV Sechselberg received completely new gear through the sponsoring concept.

All 40 players of TSV Sechselberg show off their new tracksuits, t-shirts with shorts and a new raincoat.


VFR Murrhardt Jugend

The A and D youth teams of VfR Murrhardt acquired new Legea kits by their own initiative. Every player received a kit with a player name, shorts and socks. The players were also supported by the company from Ulm in order to be able to finance this.

More about the youth department of VfR Murrhardt at: www.vfr-murrhardt.de


VFR Murrhardt Aktive

VfR Murrhardt received a completely new outfit for its 1st and 2nd teams. 28 players present themselves with new sweatshirts and training shirts, as well as t-shirts and shorts and raincoats for the new season.
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